Doe Lone – Big Hit Songs

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Artist Name : Doe Lone (ဒိုးလံုး)
Number of Tracks : 49 Tracks
Biography : Doe Lone (ဒိုးလံုး) is a late Burma (Myanmar) or a singer whose popularity has increased up after his death, he has been seen as one of the pioneering alternative artist of Burmese music industry and respected by many other artists .

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  1. Phoelwan says:

    Doe lone is the only one of my fav singer … when i left my country i left his first album (a yoe hti aung yuu ) . i’m happy to listen here again.. could u tell me how to down load what u upload here… thanks u

  2. mary says:

    I love doe lone.
    I very like all of his songs especially “ta yout thaw chit thu”
    I’m very glad to listen here. thank you

  3. MM Life says:

    I love Doe Lone, forever fan

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